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How successful people think

One of the most important things about golf is the presence of clear goals. You see the pins, you know the par - It's neither too easy nor unattainable, you know your average score, and there are compet...

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One of Jean B. Dupoux's best qualities is his understanding of the fashion "business". His experience in manufacturing, production and source management as well as his design, pattern making, knowledge ...

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MyGolfShirts for Women!

We've been getting a lot of requests from our female golf enthusiasts, and so we've decided to start the process to expand our offering to include golf shirts for the ladies.  So far our analytics tell ...

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In-house vs. outsourced

We are a young startup...There is a lot to that statement. Primarily we focus on fashion, design, comfort, material, quality, proficiency and most of all we learn as we go. Even though we have years upo...

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