About Us

My Golf Shirts began the business based on an understanding that golf apparels should be designed to serve two important purposes. First, golf shirts should offer maximum flexibility to allow every player’s possible movement required for the game. Second, a shirt is always an inseparable part of fashion statement, so it has to be as stylish as it can be without affecting quality of your swings. Therefore, best golf shirts allow you to perform at your full potential without sacrificing the importance of comfort and fashion.
Golf has been known not only as one of the most popular sports in the world, but also an activity of which fashion statement matters. Wearing a stylish and unique golf shirts demonstrate the facts that you are dedicated to the game and you understand the power of style as well. Every choice you make affects other players and may influence their views about you. By learning proper golf dress code, dressing etiquette, and selecting every garment in educated manner, even amateurs can be as stylish as they really are and therefore comfortably playing the game with all their fellow golfers. All golf apparels are specifically designed for the activity. A golf game may take hours, and each player has to walk through the course quite often. In such situation, golf shirts play major role in determining whether or not you are always in perfect comfort to do every swing without distraction from any physical discomfort.