Recently, I was at a social event when a stranger and I struck up a conversation.  He noticed that I was wearing a golf shirt and asked if I played golf.  During the chat, he said that he was considering playing golf but did not know where to start.  He asked me for any beginning golf tips.  Here are a few:

Beginning Golf Tips

Go to a driving range with a friend and hit balls. 

Every range has clubs to borrow when you buy a bucket of balls. Your friend will show you around the range. Just hit balls!  After your first trip with a friend, go a few times by yourself.

Buy golf equipment. 

There are many places where you can buy used golf equipment or perhaps you have a cool aunt or uncle with 20 extra clubs in their garage. It is important to have the basics: a Driver, Fairway Metal, 6 and 9 irons, Pitching Wedge (PW) and a Putter is a good start.  Buy a couple of clubs and a golf glove and go back to the range--now with your own clubs.  By now, you might recognize a few people at the range.  All range people have one thing in common--a desire not to be perfect but to be better - good people to know in life.  Say, “Hi,” to the players and employees; you will get a friendly response. 

Consider a golf lesson.

It is now a good idea to consider a lesson either at a course/range or perhaps watching videos or reading instructional articles. Try some new things on the range. You will have some good shots –some bad.  Remember the good shots and the feeling you had when you hit them. 

Read some simple rules and etiquette articles or videos.  Most are common sense, but it will help you understand what people are doing on the course and why.  My favorite site is Arnold Palmer's Rules for Golf Etiquette 

Pick a course and set a time to golf.

There are many options. There are short venues called “Executive and Par 3” courses that are fun for beginning rounds. These courses are a bit shorter.  Also, you don’t have to play 18 holes.  9 holes are just fine at any time, but especially for your first round.  Call the course and tell them that you are a beginner and want to play during a “slow time”.  It is also nice to play your first round with your friend.  Your friend will show you around the course. 

Bring these Items to the golf course:

  • Golf clubs and a bag 
  • Plenty of golf balls--you can even buy used balls 
  • Golf glove
  • A collared golf shirt, a hat and nice shorts or kakis
  • Golf tees, sunscreen, bug repellent and a divot repair tool--your friend will show you how it works
  • Golf shoes or nice tennis/running shoes

You are ready!!    

Relax on your first round of golf!

You will be nervous, but remember, this is golf not surgery.  When playing with your friend, if you hit a bad shot, just pick it up and hit another from your friend’s ball position.  Use this as an opportunity to learn how to transfer your range experience to the golf course.  The course will be a new experience, embrace it!  After the round, think about 3 things to practice at the range.  The next round, we will start playing by the rules. That is the time to buy a rules book.  You will better understand the simple rules after your first round.    

Are you ready to start golf and use these beginning golf tips?

Are you ready to take the first step and go to the range?

Send me your comments!


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