What Criteria to Expect in a Winning Golf Shirt 


Have you ever gone to the golf course and felt uncomfortable or underdressed because you‘ve worn an old pair of shorts and a collared polo that has seen better days?  Did you feel out of place?  Did it negatively impact your game?

According to John Michail, CEO of Image Group International, “…donning the latest high-tech active wear sets an expectation of winning. The first thing that matters in life is your mindset, and if wearing the right sports apparel boosts your confidence and positively changes your mindset, why wouldn’t you do it to get an edge?”

At MyGolfShirts.com, our unique golf shirts are designed by an avid golfer who is also a clothing designer, Jean Dupoux, our founder.  He knows what kind of shirt it takes to enable you to withstand all the weather conditions on the golf course as well as to perform well.  He keeps these four things in mind when designing a best golf shirt for someone who loves to play golf:  

Jean’s Four Criteria to Expect in a Winning Golf Shirt


Comfort in any sports activity is necessary for peak performance whether you are a beginner or a pro. Wick- away fabric does a great job to draw moisture from your body without making your shirt sticky, heavy, and an annoyance for the last few holes of golf in your round. Golf is hard enough without your shirt getting in the way. Sweat spots also look tacky.  Jean’s shirts all have Dri-Fit® technology in the material to keep you dry on the golf course


Your shirt should reflect some of your personality in color and design. If you look good, you will be confident. New designs are not just about solids and strips anymore. There are multi-colored solids shirts that look sharp, simple and easy to match to any pair of shorts, slacks or shirts. Look stylish! Be confident! Don’t ignore the most important 6 inches of a golf course---between your ears!  

Golf Clothing Etiquette

Most golf courses require players to follow a certain dress code. Collared shirts are always an easy way to ensure conformance. Players can use short sleeves or long sleeve shirts depending on weather or desire to cover oneself to avoid the sun which MyGolfShirts.com golf shirts offer!        


While cost is always a factor, stylish & classic golf shirts that are reasonably priced allow one to enjoy many different looks. Don’t get bogged down with “one look” due to the excessive cost due of a brand name!  My GolfShirts.com golf shirts offer a variety of designs comparable to the “Big Brands” at a more affordable price. Free US shipping is also included as well as a golf hat to complete your look.  What other golf shirt comes with these perks?

My GolfShirts.com golf shirts are so stylish you can wear them from the office to the golf course. Who knows with a golf shirt designed by Jean Dupoux, you might score a hole in one on the golf course as well as a promotion at work because your confidence has positively affected your performance!

 Over to you

What criteria do you expect in a winning golf shirt?

  • What are your 3 favorite colors in a shirt?
  • Would you try a multi-colored shirt?
  • Does “looking good” give you confidence?

 Send me your comments…….


 About Us:

My Golf Shirts was started by Jean B. Dupoux, a graduate of The Fashion Institute  of Technology. Jean believes that a golf shirt should offer maximum flexibility, comfort, and style so you make a statement on the golf course and have the confidence to perform well.  All shirts are made from lightweight Dri-Fit material offering breathability as well as sweat absorption to keep you cool all day on the golf course. MyGolfShirts.com also carries certain types of golf shirts to keep you warm during the cooler weather. Whether you are a simple golf hobbyist, amateur, or golf professional, we have the golf shirt to meet your needs. Visit our website today to see the large variety of quality golf shirts we carry. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at MyGolfShirtsDotCom for golf tips, news, humor, and to learn about our current golf shirt sales.


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