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Last week, we discussed some of the 2017 Proposed Golf Rules Changes for 2018. I think the Unites States Golf Association and the R&A are making great strides to continue to promote fairness, making...

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The rules of golf are intended to promote fairness, knowing “what to do” in a given situation, and fast play.  Every year, the rules are reviewed to ensure that they have not become too complex and that...

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Golf has 4 major tournaments: The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship (formerly the British Open), and The PGA Championship.  Every professional golfer is measured by the number of major wins. T...

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This past weekend after our round of golf, my golfing buddies and I were chatting over cheeseburgers and beverages. We talked at length about the Masters and Sergio’s win. The social aspect of golf is r...

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