• | Jean Dupoux

    Do These 2017 Proposed Golf Rules Changes Simplify Golf?

    Last week, we discussed some of the 2017 Proposed Golf Rules Changes for 2018. I think the Unites States Golf Association and the R&A are making great strides to continue to promote fairness, making “what to do” in certain golfing situations more intuitive and fast play. Still Excited About t... View Post
  • | Jean Dupoux

    Are These 2017 Proposed Golf Rule Changes Par for the Course?

    The rules of golf are intended to promote fairness, knowing “what to do” in a given situation, and fast play.  Every year, the rules are reviewed to ensure that they have not become too complex and that they are intuitive. It just makes sense. We see the result of complex rules while watching a p... View Post
  • | Jean Dupoux

    The Best Hassle-Free Guide to The Players Championship

    Golf has 4 major tournaments: The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship (formerly the British Open), and The PGA Championship.  Every professional golfer is measured by the number of major wins. The Players Championship, being held May 9th-14th, is the one tournament talked about as if it w... View Post
  • | Jean Dupoux

    The Best Social Habits of Golfers

    This past weekend after our round of golf, my golfing buddies and I were chatting over cheeseburgers and beverages.  We talked at length about the Masters and Sergio’s win.  The social aspect of golf is really a great part of the entire experience.  After various conversations, I asked what they ... View Post
  • | Jean Dupoux

    What Makes the Masters Golf Tournament So Remarkable?

    What a fabulous sporting event to watch last Sunday – the 2017 Masters Golf Tournament! Although, Sergio Garcia, claimed the grand prize, he certainly had his work cut out for him. The game kept all of us golf enthusiasts glued to our televisions, didn’t it? Whether this was the first Masters Gol... View Post
  • | Mary Habres

    The Best “How-To” Beginning Golf Tips

    Recently, I was at a social event when a stranger and I struck up a conversation.  He noticed that I was wearing a  golf shirt and asked if I played golf.  During the chat, he said that he was considering playing golf but did not know where to start.  He asked me for any beginnin... View Post
  • | Anthony Del Valle

    Another Milestone, Another Good Day - New Styles, New Collections

    From our Classic Collection we have continued to develop the styles within the Traditionally Bold and NOW we have added  New Collections and New Styles

    .. sporty, high fashion style "Line Contrast" in the Traditionally Bold Collection.

    .. taking the bar to a new level we created the "Modern Paradigm" Collection which now includes the "Trinity Contrast" style. 

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  • | Anthony Del Valle

    JAMES SWUG - OCTOBER 2016 MyGolfShirts Golf Bag WINNER

    We are happy to announce the WINNER of the October 2016 MyGolfShirts Golf Bag Giveaway: Congratulations to JAMES SWUG our lucky golfer of the month. James is now sporting a custom MyGolfShirt golf bag looking amazing in his MyGolfShirts golf hat. Thank you James for being a great customer from al... View Post