The Best Social Habits of Golfers

This past weekend after our round of golf, my golfing buddies and I were chatting over cheeseburgers and beverages. We talked at length about the Masters and Sergio’s win. The social aspect of golf is really a great part of the entire experience. After various conversations, I asked what they thought about a new golfer playing with our group. Interestingly enough, they said that it was not about how good the golfer played, it was more about if the person was enjoyable ”to play golf with”. They talked about the best social habits of golfers that everyone should know. So, which behaviors will make you someone other golfers will want on their team?

What Are the Best Social Habits of Golfers?

Ability to Enjoy the Game

Losing your temper, throwing clubs, etc. are situations that are uncomfortable for the other members of the group.  Of course, there will be bad shots in a round.  Continued anger usually leads to more bad shots and a three-some looking for a new fourth. Be nice to yourself and have fun---always!

Being Ready When It’s Your Turn

Golf is a game of flow and momentum.  Nothing throws off a foursome more than a person who is never ready to play their shot---and takes 10 practice swings.  Arnold Palmer said it best: " Don’t be the slowest golfer in your group!"

Not Being a Ball Hawker

The rules of golf are intended to promote fair and fast play.  A golfer has 5 minutes to find or retrieve a ball.  If your ball is lost, move on to your next shot and leave the other 40 balls in the hazard.  Keep up your foursome’s momentum!     

Not Shadowing Someone’s Golf Ball

Golf is a fun but sometimes a challenging game.  When one puts their shadow on your ball, one is playing from “sunshine to shadows” on their next shot---hard to do.  Be nice to your group and keep your shadow off of another’s ball! 

Not Walking through a Putting Line

Golfers are pretty finicky about putting in general.  If your shadow on another’s ball is a NO-NO, imagine that times 2 if I walk through another’s putting line (a straight line between one’s ball and the hole).  Be considerate of other player’s lines!    

Ability to Keep Quiet During Someone Else’s Shot

As a father of many children, I least understand this one.  Silence, while others are executing a shot, is as much an expected behavior for golf as it is for tennis.  It is not, however, an issue in baseball when a pitcher throws a 100 mph fastball at a batter as the fans are shouting.  I have learned to just do this and will never understand it! 

Being Honest About Your Golf Score

Golf is a game of trust. Players call 99% of all penalties on themselves.  Players testify to each other’s scores. Nothing is as embarrassing as being repeatedly reminded what your right score was on a hole.  Be a player of trust.    

We all want to enjoy our time on the course as much as we want to play well.  If you have a situation that I did not cover, you might want to approach it as Arnold Palmer would!

Over to You...

Are you ready to incorporate these best social habits of golfers into your future golf rounds?

Are you ready to be the golfer that people want in their foursome?

Did you ever have a golfer in your group that just didn't fit in?

Send me your comments……


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